Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative cells are fundamentally the building blocks of life


Regenerative cells are actively involved in repairing, regenerating, and rebuilding damaged
Receptors on regenerative cells allow them to migrate to areas that need healing and effect change in that area, potentially becoming new cells in the area and create new tissue to help improve functionality.

Treatment Time

60-90 Minutes

Recovery Time

0-1 Days

Frequently Asked Questions

After numerous clinical trials and thousands of regenerative cell treatments worldwide, stem cell therapy has been proven to be safe and an effective tool for tissue regeneration.
No, regenerative cells are considered immune-privileged and have no immune markers on them. They are considered neutral cells and therefore, do not result in rejections.
Our regenerative cell treatment can often address many issues simultaneously. The extensive experience of our staff and the multiple methods of cell administration that we have developed provide our patients with a unique opportunity to address many issues at once.

What It Treats

  • Location and Body Dependent
Dr. Michel Oliva

Interventional Pain Medicine Specialist

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