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    Body Contouring is FDA-cleared to target and eliminate diet-and-exercise-resistant fat

    Oliva Aesthetics is a body contouring center that puts patients’ needs first. We can reshape your body with our high-quality treatments and techniques here at our facility in Lubbock. Whether your body has suffered the effects of aging, childbirth, or dramatic weight loss, we’ll do our best to make everything right again so that you’ll be able to face the world with greater confidence.
    If you’re looking for a body contouring center that adheres to all patient safety and confidentiality standards, Oliva Aesthetics is the place to go. Contact our office in Lubbock, TX, today to learn more.

    What It Treats

    Body Contouring
    • Abdomen
    • Back
    • Inner Thigh
    • Outer Thigh
    • Flank/Side
    • Under the Chin

    Treatment Time

    20 – 30 Minutes

    Recovery Time

    None Needed
    Body Contouring - Oliva Aesthetics - Dr Michel Oliva

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many sessions needed to achieve the desired results will vary from patient to patient. Most patients choose to have at least two Body Contouring treatments on the same area while some may require up to four treatments on an area.
    Body Contouring is recommended for adults who are physically and mentally healthy and within 20 pounds of their ideal weight with small areas of stubborn fat that do not go away with diet and exercise.
    Patients typically report feeling intense cold, tingling, and numbness with some pinching and pulling sensations while receiving Body Contouring. These feelings are reported as very manageable and typically resolve after the first ten minutes of the procedure.