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    A photorejuvenation facial can work wonders with our topnotch treatment

    The pulsed light beams are able to repair surface skin and the deeper dermis, while isolating and protecting healthy cells.
    The heat produced in the skin by the light also stimulates your body’s natural collagen production system, restoring volume.

    What It Treats

    IPL Photorejuvenation
    • Sun damage
    • Fine lines & wrinkles
    • Redness and rosacea
    • Sagging skin
    • Enlarged pores
    • Acne scars

    Treatment Time

    20-30 minutes

    Recovery Time

    No Downtime
    Body Contouring - Oliva Aesthetics - Dr Michel Oliva

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A series of 3-6 treatments, spaced 2-4 weeks apart, is our standard recommendation. Occasionally, more treatments may be needed for certain individuals with particular skin conditions.
    Effects of a photofacial are cumulative. After the first treatment, you will see improvements, and it will continue as more treatments are completed.
    Patients report a warming or heat sensation rather than pain sensation during treatments.